No-compromise investing.

Life is full of compromises. But you don’t have to compromise with your investments. We find global private investments which beat market returns because of the impact they create, not in spite of it.

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Unique, private investments from emerging markets

We are a global private investment firm focused on helping our investors achieve better-than-market returns by investing in, supporting, and growing sustainable and impactful businesses.

We offer high-potential, world-positive wealth creation through guilt-free investments that strive to make the world better by leveraging profit-driven answers to the world's biggest problems.

Own a piece of the future. A financial legacy for your family. An environmental legacy for all of us. A future you are proud of creating.

No Compromise. Uniquely curated

What makes our opportunities unique is our no compromise thesis on investable businesses:

1. High Reward Potential

Under-invested venture capital and compelling demographics means better priced investments and higher potential for financial success.

2. Frontline Impact

Reduce CO2 emissions. Create more, better quality jobs. Enhance social mobility and communities. Drive new capital to growth economies.

3. Access to the future

Unique, future-shaping, emerging market opportunities with low correlation to the majority of standard portfolio investments.

Outstanding performance. Unbeaten. Uncorrelated

Greatest shareholder value comes from private market investments, and emerging markets offer an asymmetric opportunity to buy ahead of the market.

Flexibility of Product

Enver allows you to invest in the way that’s best for you. Choose to invest directly in individual opportunities, spread your investment among several direct investments, or leave the distribution to us by using one of our funds. No matter which you choose you’ll get access to our unique, no-compromise opportunities.

Direct Investment

Choose a single business you believe in. Invest in a growth geography, with entrepreneurs that inspire you and which you evaluate could grow your wealth.

Portfolio Investment

Choose how much you want to invest in our unique no-compromise investments and spread the amount across all of our live investments.

Fund Investment

Invest through our permanent capital vehicle EAR Fund, or in our newest offer - Enverfund. A growth fund focused on series A and series B investments in emerging markets.

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RISK WARNING: investment can fluctuate in value. Historical performance is not a guarantee of future success.


An Infinite Mindset: Empowering entrepreneurs who envision a fundamental rethinking of how our society interacts with the economy.


Our thesis

Profit and Purpose: We focus on earning financial rewards because of our global future positive approach to business, not in spite of it. When profit and purpose are intertwined, a virtuous cycle is unlocked. By relentlessly aspiring for a brighter future, the greatest entrepreneurs are using the power of business to inspire, to disrupt, and to transform a million, or even a billion, realities.

Global synergies: solutions to massive global challenges will arise through transnational partnerships. By curating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that transcends the emergent and developed world, industry 4.0 and globalised thought leadership emerges

Data driven: this is why we offer no-compromise investments. Because it is proven repeatedly, to be better for business. Oh, and because it is the right thing to do.

Our way

We take our time to choose who to work with. We use evidence and heart and only work where we bring value. We work actively both pre and post-investment to help our businesses generate sound financial returns, and support positive impact in our communities and on the planet. We supercharge businesses by finding them the fuel they need - whatever or whomever that is.

Circular Economy

Waste-to-energy, slow fashion, biomimicry, bio-fabrication;

Climate Change Mitigation

Movement towards a low carbon economy;

Blue Economy

Aquaculture technologies, waste management, sustainable fisheries, next generation proteins;

Global Wellbeing

Ed-tech, nutrition and fitness, agritech, access to health;

Future of Work and Wealth

Financial inclusion, fintech, access to decent work.

Impact blue chips agree with us

Many of the largest and greatest businesses on the planet agree with us. We are proud to work in unison with them to demonstrate that building global-good businesses can create wealth alongside positive impact on our societies and the planet.

01 Patagonia
02 Oatly
03 Google
05 Allbirds
06 Ben and Jerry's
Ben & Jerry's
07 Ikea
08 Unilever
09 Unilever
Eillen Fisher
10 Unilever
11 Unilever
First Mile
12 Unilever
United By Blue

Where we are

On the ground. That is why we know the markets we work in.

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