This is how we do it.

1. Global is our local

We know the markets where we work. Our team has specialised experience working in emerging and frontier markets.

We have grown up alongside the entrepreneurs we work with, and speak their language, as well as yours.

2. Uniquely Curated

We are experienced operators and investors and expertly apply our no-compromise lens.

We carefully select high-potential businesses with proven proficiency and track records, ethical practices, and a plan for achieving scale and financial success.

3. Decisive due diligence

Investing in overseas markets can be intimidating. We take pride in working with fully registered, compliant, and carefully vetted businesses.

All of our businesses have been through careful due diligence, including third party legal and compliance checks.

Fund Investment

Invest through our permanent capital vehicle, EAR Fund, or in our newest offer - Enverfund. A growth fund focused on Seed, Series A and follow on investments in emerging markets.

Dive in with direct investing

Direct Investment in Venture Equity (DIVE) is carefully reviewed, future-positive equity investments in emerging markets that you can invest in indirectly. Meet and hear from entrepreneurs directly and select the opportunities that match your personal goals and passions.

Raising now

Direct Investment in Venture Equity (DIVE) - carefully reviewed, future-positive equity investments. Live now.

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Raising Soon

Direct Investment in Venture Equity (DIVE) carefully reviewed, future-positive equity investments.

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Our Experience



Global leadership team: Decades of experience focused on emerging markets. 8 nationalities, 8 languages, experience working in 100+ countries.



£1BN+ capital collectively managed, reviewed and invested. Our fiduciary responsibility to our investors and clients is our number one priority.



Our staff have built 7 businesses on 4 continents, and have also held senior roles at major institutions. Unique blend of self starters who bring institutional rigour.

Case Study

Origination and Due Dilligence

Your privacy and security are key

Your security and trust are important to us. We’re committed to protecting your account with the highest standards of security available

  • State-of-the-art security measures
  • On the ground experience of each business
  • Third party due diligence
  • Opt in marketing preferences, contact details only shared when requested by you.
  • Carefully structured financial flows

Where we are

On the ground. That is why we know the markets we work in.

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